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The Child Clinic provides the examination, suggestion, vaccination and treatment for newborn to children aged up to 15 years. The multidisciplinary team is working with specialized pediatricians such as child neurologists, pediatricians specializing in neurosurgery, development and behavior, allergy and immunology, physicians, professional nurses and therapists to ensure the great care for the children and their families so that children have proper development and good behavior for learning and living happily. The hospital offers service for both children and families as well as other customers who need psychological and social care along with physical health care. This holistic care ensures customers live happily with full potential.

Health Check-Up
  • General child check-up
  • Pre-school health check-up
  • Health checks for child insurance
  • Compulsory vaccination or basic vaccination is a vaccination every child must have according to the requirements of the Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand and Ministry of Health. These vaccines include tuberculosis, Tdap, polio, MMR, JE and chickenpox.
  • Optional vaccine including HIB, RV, Flu and IPD, etc. 
Children and Family Development
  • All-round development promotion program
  • Evolution of development, meditation, mood, behavior and providing appropriate parenting advice