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Radiology department has radiologists and physician team with technologically advanced equipment including digital radiography, 160-slice computed tomography (CT) system and 4D ultrasound to ensure fast, effective and safe diagnosis and treatment. 

160-slice computed tomography (CT)

160-slice computed tomography (CT) is a scanner invented by advanced technology for effective and fast performance. The CT scanner creates 160 images per 1 revolution (360 degree) within 0.5 seconds resulting in 2,000 images with highly accurate result, in particular moving organs such as heart which general scanner produces unclear image but the 160-slice CT can obtain clearer image both 2D and 3D and access to all organs including blood vessel, tissue, bone, heart or even lung’s alveolar duct.  Accordingly, the equipment is beneficial in terms of diagnostics and planning fast and accurate treatment without overnight hospital stay with by reasonable cost.


Ultrasound method uses sound waves to create image of organs by applying a transducer which acts as speaker to beam soundwave to tissue and, then, reflect back to the transducer which acts as microphone. After that, the computer analyzes and transforms the reflected data into an image. The sound has frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing. We use the same way as bat uses sound waves and echoes to navigate its way or submarine sonar sound effect. Due to radioactivity-free like X-ray, ultrasound is a safe method. 

Ultrasound scanner applies high frequencies (ultrasound) in the examination. This soundwave is harm-free and applicable for examination of organs such as liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, uterus, ovaries and prostates. Furthermore, the ultrasound is applicable for organs containing liquid such as heart, gall bladder, bladder and pregnancy. The ultrasound examination does not cause harm only, but also patients feel no pain.