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The hospital provides the annual health check-up for customers’ wellness with a number of suitable programs and consultation for the most suitable check-up program by international standard analytical laboratory. In case doubt arises over your or your beloved’s health, we are ready to help you because a good health is an essential key of life.

Health Check-Up Technologies 

  • We use effective, accurate and specialized health check-up instrument for with each kind of examination.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (160-Slice CT Scanner) is a scanner creating 160 images per 1 revolution (360 degree) within 0.35 seconds. The scanner diagnosis diseases accurately with complication-free and overnight hospital stay is not required
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) - to diagnose arterial embolism and hardening
  • Electrocardiogram - to diagnose for cardiac disorders and cardiac arrest
  • Muscle testing machine - to test strength and flexibility of muscle
  • Automatic intraocular pressure monitoring device - to screen glaucoma swiftly and accurately
  • Pulmonary function monitor – to monitor the pulmonary function
  • Audiometer – to monitor the hearing performance in occupational health work
  • Health check-up for employees of company customers for pre-employment and annual health check-ups
  • Pre-insurance health check-up and health insurance by authorized physicians
  • Annual health check-up by age range and pre-marriage check-up
  • Health check-up Program for members of Chivawattana card
  • Pre-travel health check-up
  • Health check-up for 5-disease medical certificate
  • Adult vaccination consultation and vaccination for international travel
  • Offering counsel and organizing health promotion activities
  • Occupational health services, working diseases, walkthrough survey
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